Two Max For Live devices that bypass all devices on a track simultaneously. Even though you can use the Audio device on a MIDI track, the MIDI device is included so you can place it further to the left in the device chain for easier access.


1) Place the bcBypassFX device on the audio, return or MIDI track that you wish to bypass all devices on.

2) Use the Audio, MIDI and Instrument buttons to choose whether to allow those device types to be bypassed.

3) Use the BypassAll / Inactive button to bypass all devices on the same track simultaneously and return them to their previously active or bypassed states.

Changes made to the active or bypassed states of individual devices once bcBypassFX is in the BypassAll state will not be updated. This means that any device made active once in BypassAll mode will still be active when returning to Inactive mode, but bypassed again in BypassAll mode.

This may be updated in a future release if interest for this is shown from users.

Note: This update allows for the Bypass / Inactive function to be filtered by device type. The Audio, MIDI and Instrument buttons decide which types will be affected by the NEXT Bypass message and do not send the Bypass / Inactive message themselves.

Current versions and update information can be found at:



You may use this device freely in your audio production work.

You may use or adapt the contained Max/MSP patch for use in your own patches for personal use only.

Redistribution of any patches containing all or part of this patch is permitted for non-profit purposes only, as long as the original author is credited and the original patch and this file are included each time.

Use of this patch in any form for commercial use or profit is not allowed, without the original author's written permission.

Referenced subpatchers

Max/MSP subpatchers used in this device are the live.oberserver workaround by Dimitri Aatos.



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